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PA Agronomist Provides Trial Insights

September 21, 2021
grow more experience sign at the site in scott city, kansas

Trials at the Mt. Joy, PA, Grow More™ Experience site show the value of residual herbicides in corn and soybeans.

Craig Austin, Syngenta agronomy service representative, was interviewed by Chris Torres at American Agriculturalist about the 2021 season and the trials he’s done at his Grow More Experience site in Mt. Joy, PA, this year. In his trials, Craig focused on local issues affecting Mid-Atlantic growers, including evaluating herbicides and fungicides in corn and soybeans.

Here is a summary of the interview:

  • A key takeaway from the Mt. Joy trials is the value of overlapping residual herbicides to manage weeds this season and protect against resistant weeds in the future.
    • For example, in soybeans, consider applying BroadAxe® XC herbicide preemergence and then following it with an overlapping post-emergence product that also has residual control like Sequence® or Tavium® Plus VaporGrip® Technology herbicides. Due it’s 2 active ingredients, Glyphosate and S-metolachlor, Sequence herbicide provides contact and residual activity that fit under any trait platform. For dicamba-tolerant soybeans, Tavium herbicide uses 2 effective sites of action to deliver both contact control to manage the weeds you see and residual control to help protect against the weeds you don’t see.
  • Tar spot was spotted in Lancaster County, PA, in 2020, and it also appeared in a secondary plot at the Mt. Joy site this year. A preventive fungicide application can help manage tar spot in addition to the more common corn diseases, gray leaf spot and Northern corn leaf blight.
    • To stay a step ahead of tar spot and other corn diseases, consider Trivapro® or Miravis® Neo fungicide in 2022. The 3 active ingredients in Trivapro fungicide provide long-lasting preventive disease control to help reduce yield loss from tar spot, and regardless of disease pressure, excellent plant-health benefits deliver strong, healthier crops. Miravis Neo fungicide sets the standard for broad-spectrum disease control and plant-health benefits through its Adepidyn® technology and other 2 active ingredients.
  • Every year, you can learn something new at a Grow More Experience trial. This year showed the importance of planning for a post-emergence herbicide treatment, especially under drier conditions when there may not be enough rainfall to activate the residual in the preemergence application.

Read the full interview here. We thank American Agriculturalist and Chris Torres for allowing us to repost the interview to our agronomy blog.

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