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Our Refreshed Site Serves Your Regional Content

May 31, 2018
This illustrated image shows a map of the geographies served by Know More, Grow More.

Last year, we talked with some of our site visitors to learn how we can give them a better experience. We are pleased to share several key enhancements that will make it easier for you to view localized crop management advice.

Personalized Homepage

New site visitors who sign up for the twice-monthly Know More, Grow More Digest will be asked to select their primary region and crop. Our site will remember your selections and display information specific to your choices on your homepage.

Customizable Search

Selecting the View All Posts link at the bottom of every page will bring you to a search tool that allows you to search for several crops, growing regions and topics at once. This pulls posts ranging across topics into one convenient page.

Sleek Design

The new Know More, Grow More site features an easy-to-use design for your computer and smart phone. The homepage continues to give you access to our Syngenta US social platforms, along with top articles from our Thrive magazine.

The Know More, Grow More site will continue to provide quick access to the content you care about, bringing up-to-date articles about crops and pests all season long.

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