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Where Others Failed, Golden Harvest Hybrid Shines

November 28, 2016

Bogard, MO: Going into the season, Kyle Hawkins didn’t expect much out of the thinner soils on his farm. But with Golden Harvest® hybrid G11U58 brand, he experienced above average results.

“With competitors, you might see some falloff from the good dirt to the bad dirt. It would shine on good dirt, then it would hit a weaker spot and just kill you. Golden Harvest, though, has better consistency,” Hawkins said.

In addition to its drought tolerance and ear flex benefits, Golden Harvest hybrid G11U58 brand’s strong standability was key to its success – helping the hybrid withstand 65-mile-per-hour winds early in the season. Ultimately yielding above 200 bu/A an average, Hawkins said his investment in Golden Harvest Corn has been more than worthwhile.

“I’m a believer,” he said.

All photos are the property of Syngenta or are used with permission.

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