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Not all corn herbicides are created equal

April 11, 2016

When choosing the best herbicide to fit their farms, growers consider the spectrum of weed control, length of residual control and application flexibility.

Broad-spectrum weed control

Resistance to different modes of action is increasing, and multiple effective active ingredients are needed to target weeds that are resistant to common herbicide ingredients including glyphosate.

Acuron® corn herbicide features four active ingredients – the newest active ingredient bicyclopyrone, as well as mesotrione, S-metolachlor and atrazine that work in tandem to deliver broad-spectrum weed control. When used in ALS-resistant fields, the weed control of Corvus® herbicide relies on a single active ingredient and control may be ineffective on weeds such as waterhemp and Palmer amaranth if conditions are not favorable to that ingredient. In SureStart® herbicide, acetochlor is a foundation rate (half of the original acetochlor rate) and is the only ingredient that provides significant control.

Watch this playlist below to see how Acuron compares to competitive herbicide products in controlling tough weeds.

Length of residual control

Long-lasting residual control is also determined by a herbicide’s active ingredients. S-metolachlor in Acuron provides better, long-lasting and more consistent grass control compared to the grass components in Corvus and Verdict® herbicides.

Application flexibility

Corvus has a narrow application window up to V2 corn, while Verdict has an even smaller application window as a pre-emergence only herbicide.

Compare herbicides, then decide

With several weed management options available, consider the spectrum of weed control, residual control and application flexibility in current herbicides. Then ask yourself if your herbicide delivers what your field needs.

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