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NK Brings High Yields in the Face of Drought

November 18, 2016

Coleman, GA: There aren’t many farmers in Joe Shivers’ part of the country that haven’t been affected by the ongoing drought. Shivers certainly hasn’t been immune, either – especially since his soybean acres aren’t irrigated. Even so, his NK® Corn and Soybeans still performed better than others.

“NK Corn hybrids N83D-3000GT and N78S-3111 brands were the best corn I had. They yielded approximately 265 bu/A, while my DeKalb® hybrids fell in the 220 to 230 bu/A range. My NK Soybeans yielded more than 15 bu/A better than competitors, on average, as well,” Shivers said.

This is his second year growing NK Corn and his first with NK Soybeans. He first became interested in the NK product line because his local rep had such success with the hybrids and varieties. The previous season’s yields were also a deciding factor.

“I always look at yield reports from the year before,” Shivers said. Based on that, “I’ll be planting more NK Corn and NK Soybeans.”

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