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New Solutions for Grass Control

January 14, 2019

Axial® Bold herbicide desiccating wild oats in Grand Forks, MT

Every year, growers battle grass weeds intruding on their wheat and barley fields. Early season competition from grass weeds impact available moisture and nutrients that should go to the wheat crop. Late season grass weed pressure can slow or even stop combines at harvest, or go to seed, which cause problems for the following growing season. This can contribute to resistance development as well. The bottom line is that when wheat competes with grass weeds – yield will suffer.

The best way to avoid the problem is to take care of grass weeds early, using a post-emergence application of Axial brand herbicides.

This agronomic image compares effective control of grass weeds

Axial Bold was recently launched for the 2019 growing season. Axial Bold is built on the foundation of Axial brands, the industry standard for grass weed control in cereals. With 2active ingredients, trials show Axial Bold delivers improved consistency and broad-spectrum control of top grass weeds, including wild oat, yellow foxtail, Italian ryegrass, green foxtail and barnyardgrass.

This agronomic image shows comparisons between Axial Bold and competitor products when it comes to grass weed control

Source: 2018 trial in Washington.

Axial Bold offers enhanced flexibility with an optimized formulation for combination with Talinor® cereals herbicide, meaning Axial Bold performs better in the tank and in the field, resulting in less antagonism when tank-mixed with broadleaf herbicides.

When combined with Talinor, multiple sites of action provide 1-pass broadleaf weed and grass control.

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