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New online resource for soybean, sugarbeet and wheat growers

March 24, 2016

Soybean, sugarbeet and wheat growers face many challenges and choices throughout the season. Growers must choose varieties that suit their fields, select seedcare and crop protection products to combat insect, diseases and pests they may encounter, manage nutrient levels, combat weeds and weed resistance, on top of many other difficult choices. It’s important to start strong so crops can grow strong and ultimately yield strong.

Syngenta recently launched the Tools to Grow More agronomic resource for sugarbeets and enhanced the design of the soybeans and wheat resource pages to give customers convenient, online access to the latest product and application information to help make these difficult management decisions. All of these resources are mobile-friendly, which means growers can use their phones and tablets to view the pages in the field.

The solutions offered on these pages provide a deeper look into agronomic best management practices, the pests that threaten crop productivity, and the products that help boost yield and profit potential. Each Tools to Grow More crop resource is divided into three categories: start strong, grow strong and yield strong. In each of these categories, growers will find information and solutions for key seasonal topics, including variety selection, disease protection, insect control and herbicide resistance management.

Tools To Grow More

The Tools to Grow More resources are essentially one-stop agronomic shops for growers, from planting through harvest. Designed to be user-friendly, these pages can help growers make tough decisions and maximize return on investment, ultimately helping them grow more.

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