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Nebraska Retailer Says NK Soybeans Pay Off in Bushels

October 18, 2016

Hallam, NE: The most rewarding part of Ryan Franzluebbers’ job as a Farmers Cooperative site manager is helping his growers find agronomic solutions to be successful. The NK® Soybeans portfolio plays an important part to help meet his customers’ needs.

“I’ve been working with NK Soybeans ever since I started with Farmers Cooperative six years ago,” Franzluebbers said. “Growers usually see a 3-5 bu/A yield increase when they switch to NK Soybeans over their previous programs.”

He said NK Soybeans continue to perform well in the face of adversity because of the varieties’ strong agronomic packages and ability to yield consistently.

“NK Soybeans S34-N3 and S35-A5 brands contain industry-leading genetics so they continue to provide outstanding yield in tough conditions. They also handle our variable clay and gumbo soils very well,” he added.


Ryan Franzluebbers has counted on NK Soybeans since he first started with Farmers Cooperative six years ago. “The products are excellent, and I like working with the Syngenta reps,” he said.

Growers in Franzluebbers’ territory often struggle with early-season grasshoppers, Phytophthora root rot and damping off. To maximize yield performance, he recommends that soybean growers protect their investment with CruiserMaxx® Beans with Vibrance® seed treatment, a combination of separately registered products.

“Soybeans treated with the CruiserMaxx Beans with Vibrance seed treatment stand much better,” Franzluebbers said. “It has proven to be the leading soybean treatment year in and year out.”

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