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Nebraska: 2017 Wheat Disease Management Tips

December 27, 2016

According to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, there were high levels of disease in wheat fields this past fall including leaf, steam and stripe rust, as well as wheat streak mosaic virus.

Depending on the weather in spring 2017, we may see these high levels of disease again. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln outlines tips for managing wheat diseases throughout all seasons in 2017:


  1. Find out which primary diseases affect your area
  2. List the available management tactics for these diseases
  3. Develop a standard for selecting the management tactics you previously listed
  4. Establish scouting guidelines and a management plan for each disease
  5. Choose the best combination of management tactics
  6. Implement the management tactics chosen


  1. Scout early to see if stripe rust overwintered
  2. Monitor the weather
  3. Keep an eye for reports of rust in southern states


  1. Control volunteer wheat after harvest
  2. Choose the varieties to plant in the fall based on agronomic performance and disease resistance
  3. Treat seed with a fungicide before planting
  4. Avoid early planting

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