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Monitor For Active Insects in Almond Orchards

March 22, 2018
This agronomic image shows a peach twig borer.

Peach twig borer

Detrimental to new growth, spider mites and peach twig borer are active in almond orchards during fruit development. Peach twig borers burrow into growing shoots where they feed from the inside out, while spider mites are found on the leaves in the lower to central areas of the tree early in the season and spread as temperatures get warmer.

Spider mite

Scouting is the key to early detection and timely management. Spider mites feed on leaves, causing leaf stippling and yellowing, and can ultimately lead to defoliation. High populations are characterized by a webbing that forms over tree terminals. If left uncontrolled, mites can reduce vegetative growth the following year and compromise yield.

Experts recommend scouting for peach twig borer (PTB) beginning in mid-April. A tell-tale sign is often called “flagging” or “shoot strike.” This occurs when PTB burrows into shoots and twigs, causing them to wilt. This can also be a symptom of oriental fruit moth (OFM) damage; however, OFM damage typically occurs later in the season. PTB can also attack and feed on nuts later in the season. However, this damage is often masked by navel orangeworm (NOW) damage.

Including Minecto Pro® insecticide in your May spray program helps control spider mites and PTB. With 2 complementary active ingredients, cyantraniliprole and abamectin, Minecto Pro controls multiple pest populations that overlap or occur at the same time.

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