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MN Grower Finds Positive Yields Amid Flooded Fields

December 5, 2016

McLeod County, MN: When some of your fields looks less like farmland and more like lakes (ducks and all), you know you’ve had a wet season. As Chad Doering slowly plotted his way through muddy fields in his combine, he did what he could to salvage his harvest.

“Conditions were all over the place,” Doering said. “Some fields were wetter than others. Some had lakes in them; other fields were nice and dry.”

Although field conditions were inconsistent, Doering said his Golden Harvest® Corn hybrids’ performance was not. The consistent standability and resulting yields offered a satisfying payoff, with his yield monitor averaging 180-185 bu/A. Doering suspected that his tires spinning in mud made this number lower than his true yields, which he estimated at 195 bu/A.

“Golden Harvest has performed well,” Doering said. “We’re happy.”

All photos are the property of Syngenta or used with permission.

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