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MN Agronomist: 2023 Weed and Disease Management Starts Now

October 12, 2022
Waterhemp growing between corn rows

Waterhemp growing between corn rows

Tim Dahl, Syngenta agronomy service representative, was interviewed by Mark Dorenkamp at Brownfield Ag News about the MN pests that were a challenge this season and how you can begin preparing for 2023 weed and disease management during harvest. Dahl highlighted the following areas:

Challenging Pests:

  • Tar spot has been a major disease in the state for 3 years in a row, and pressures have gotten progressively worse each season. It often takes a few seasons to understand how best to control a new disease, but a 2-pass fungicide program using a robust fungicide like Miravis® Neo has proven to be effective in helping combat this disease before it leads to extensive yield loss.
  • Waterhemp continues to be the dominant weed species in MN. Waterhemp has a long germination period, and it often first shows up in May and peaks by the beginning of July. This long length of germination can make it difficult to control all the seeds it produces. Implementing a herbicide program with overlapping residuals can help reduce the number of weeds and prevent competition with the crop.

2023 Season Prep:

  • Weed management for 2023 should begin at harvest. Managing weed seeds and reducing the number of seeds in the bank at the end of the season will help reduce the number of weed plants that can germinate next spring.
    • If you suspect a weed resistance issue in a field, clean out your combine between fields to avoid moving those seeds to new fields. If you can prevent the weeds from emerging next season, it will put less stress on the performance of your post-emergence herbicide.
    • Take notes about problem weed areas in your field at harvest so you can proactively prepare a plan with strong residual products next spring.

Listen to the full interview with Dahl, originally posted by Brownfield Ag News on 9/26/2022. We thank Brownfield Ag News and Mark Dorenkamp for allowing us to repost on our agronomy blog.

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