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Missouri Farmer Reports Record Yields After Tough Season

November 14, 2016

Bowling Green, MO: June was such a dry month that Clete Miller said it put his growing season on the brink of disaster. But with what he described as a “rock star” corn hybrid and “one of the best” soybean varieties on the market, he was able to not just hold on, but outperform expectations. His Golden Harvest® hybrid G16K01 brand yielded up to 190 bu/A in his fields, which he said was well above average in the area. In addition, NK® Soybeans S39-C4 brand hit a personal record of 85 bu/A in an area that typically averages around 40 bu/A.

Solid genetics and the agronomic benefits they brought to these crops played a big role.

“Even with the stress environment we had early on, Golden Harvest hybrid G16K01 brand carried right through until we got to later-season rainfall,” Miller said. “It emerged quickly, had early-season vigor and, once it came out of the ground, started growing and kept growing.”

For his soybeans, built-in resistance to sudden death syndrome (SDS) helped greatly. The disease is a fixture in the region, but Miller said growers who tried NK Soybeans S39-C4 brand were able to stand up against it.

“Almost all of my customers said NK Soybeans S39-C4 brand was one of the best beans they’ve ever had, and it was the same thing on our farm,” said Miller, who is also a Golden Harvest Seed Advisor™. “If you’re looking for yield, standability, tolerance to SDS and other diseases – this is good, or better, than anything on the market.”

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