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You Might Be in for Early Corn Harvest If…

September 28, 2016

UPPER MIDWEST: Take a look at the list below. Growers who can relate to any or all of these factors could be in for an early harvest this year.

  • Rainy spring and corn planted after May 20
  • Little rain for three months after planting
  • Lots of rain in August and September
  • More than 20 days of temperatures greater than 90° during pollination
  • Used non-traited corn
  • Nitrogen leached away in in spring or late-summer rains
  • No fungicide applications
  • Corn was already at black layer in the middle of September
  • “Stalk push tests” indicate weak stalks

This year, there is a high risk of stalk lodging causing yield loss. For the reasons listed above, and many more, walking through corn fields over the next week or two will be critical for ensuring the best harvest – and best-timed harvest – possible.

Submitted by Charles Scovill, Syngenta product development agronomist.

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