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Mid-Season Tough Weed: Kochia

May 22, 2017
This agronomic photo shows a close up of the kochia weed.

All the hard work put into planting can go to waste if the crop faces unchecked competition from tough weeds like kochia. North Dakota State University warns that kochia is extremely competitive and, if left uncontrolled, can result in severe yield loss. At maturity, this weed breaks off at the stem, allowing it to tumble across fields and disperse its seed. One kochia plant can produce as many as 50,000 seeds, so it’s important to recognize and manage this weed before it goes to seed.


  • Leaves are thin, 1-2 inches long, fuzzy and gray-green in color
  • Stems are highly branched, yellowish-green to green and often turn red with maturity

To stay on top of kochia, scout fields thoroughly and treat the weed before it reaches 4 inches in height. Always remember to use full labeled rates and stay up-to-date on the latest herbicide resistance developments. A post-emergence application of a robust herbicide, like Acuron®, Acuron® Flexi or Halex® GT in corn, and glyphosate in soybeans, should contain differing modes of action from residual products. By treating kochia with multiple effective modes of action and using cultural weed removal practices, you can help avoid a weed infestation the following season and help manage resistance in your field.

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