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MI Agronomist Provides Pome and Row Crop Insights for Planting Season

March 22, 2021

Many variables factor into ideal planting conditions for row crops, but one of the most consistent variables is having general soil temperatures in the high 40-55° F, especially for early planted soybeans.

Rachel Broadbent, Syngenta agronomy service representative, was interviewed by Nicole Heslip at Brownfield Ag News about the impact of winter weather on row and pome fruit crops in MI. Here is a summary of the interview from February 8, 2021:

  • 2020-2021 milder winter weather temperatures can lead to higher pressures of weeds, diseases and insects come spring in both row and specialty crops [00:23-02:17].
  • Ideal planting conditions for row crops include milder temperatures (general soil temperatures high 40-55° F). This is especially challenging for early planted soybeans to have warm enough soil conditions. [03:28-05:41].
  • MI growers are concerned about the increasing pressure of waterhemp emergence in the late-season. Growers should incorporate a preemergence and post-emergence residual herbicide application into their weed management program [05:42-07:13].
  • Row crop growers should remember the importance of a strong fungicide program. Even with a lack of disease pressure, corn and soybean growers who use products like Miravis® Neo and Trivapro® fungicides see plant health benefits [07:14-09:06]:
    • Crops stay greener longer.
    • Crops demonstrate enhanced water-use efficiency during drought conditions.

Listen to the full interview here. We thank Brownfield Ag News and Nicole Heslip for allowing us to repost to our agronomy blog.

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