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Maximize Your Cereals Yields with Post-emergence Herbicides

June 26, 2018
Mayweed Chamomile 7 days after Talinor at 18.2oz with Axial XL

Mayweed Chamomile 7 days after Talinor at 18.2oz with Axial XL

As weeds become more aggressive, controlling them is more difficult than ever before.  That’s why it is increasingly important to have a comprehensive weed management strategy that includes herbicide applications with multiple sites of action to knock out difficult to control weeds like mayweed chamomile.

A recent article by Washington State University College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Science explains that mayweed chamomile is resistant to a number of herbicides, especially Group 2 herbicides. Small infestations can be eliminated by hand-pulling, but that is not practical for managing large infestations.

We recommended Talinor®, an efficient post-emergence herbicide used to manage broadleaf weeds in wheat and barley. By combining 2 active ingredients, bicyclopyrone and bromoxynil, Talinor controls more than 45 broadleaf weeds, even those that have become resistant to ALS-inhibitor, synthetic auxin and glyphosate herbicides.

Fewer weeds allow for greater yields, which puts more money in your pocket. Getting your return on investment is crucial given the current climate, where the  U.S. Department of Agriculture doesn’t expect any significant uptick in the price of commodities.

We spoke to a grower from the Pacific Northwest who says he noticed a big difference just one week after applying Talinor. The photo above demonstrates mayweed chamomile almost completely dying off just 7 days post application of Talinor mixed with Axial® XL.

Mixing Talinor with Axial XL or Axial Star herbicides provides growers with superior control over both broadleaf weeds and tough mixed grasses.

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