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Managing Resistance in Wheat With Multiple Modes of Action

May 17, 2017

Caption: Foxtail in a wheat field.

There are many factors that result in poor weed control in wheat and barley: a thin crop stand, extreme weather conditions, plugged nozzles, improper application of herbicides, generic formulations, ill-advised tank mix partners or some combination of these factors. The one factor impacting even the most seasoned growers though, is tough, resistant weeds.

As weed resistance has spread, many current weed control programs have shown diminished effectiveness, threatening farm profitability and farm legacy for future generations.

The first step in managing resistant weeds is evaluating the previous year’s herbicide program to determine what worked well and what areas need improvement. In particular, take note of problematic fields and the weed species within those fields that were difficult to control. Then implement a new weed control program that uses multiple, effective modes of action*.

We recommend tank mixing TalinorTM herbicide with Axial® XL or Axial Star herbicide for efficient, one-pass grass and broadleaf weed control. Talinor has two effective modes of action (groups 6 and 27) and controls more than 45 tough broadleaf weeds, even those with known resistance to ALS-inhibitor, synthetic auxin and glyphosate herbicides. Axial XL (group 1) or Axial Star (groups 1 and 4) can be mixed with Talinor to add grass control, with Axial Star also providing enhanced control of Kochia.

this image depicts crop management with Talinor plus Axial weed protection.

*It’s also important to remember that proper application timing and using full, labeled rates helps fight the development of herbicide resistance and will ultimately help grow more wheat.

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