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Management Tips to Prevent Corn Rootworm Damage

September 10, 2020
This agronomic image shows the stages and types of corn rootworm

Depending on your area, be on the lookout for these different types of corn rootworm.

Each season, there is growing concern over corn rootworm (CRW) and its unpredictability, but how damaging can this pest be? According to the SDSU Extension, you can expect a yield loss of 15% – 17% for every node of corn root that’s injured by CRW larvae. Knowing the impact CRW can make, you may need to adjust your 2021 management strategy depending on your corn fields’ pressure.

According to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, it’s time to scout for infestations, since CRW lay eggs from early August through early September. Knowing where you have adult CRW beetles will be a helpful indicator for next-season pressure, since the beetles will likely go into the ground to lay their eggs.

Have you experienced corn rootworm pressure in your fields?

If you’re consistently planting corn-on-corn, it’s probably time to implement a crop rotation plan. Planting crops like soybeans, wheat, sunflower and alfalfa takes away the pest’s host, but keep an eye out for volunteer corn, which may attract adult CRW beetles. If you’re planting corn again, consider choosing a CRW-resistant hybrid that includes a trait stack with multiple modes of action against the pest.

Performance of these management strategies is optimized when combined with a highly effective soil-applied insecticide. This combination effort helps minimize the risk of CRW damage from season to season.

Combining its enhanced formulation with user-friendly handling benefits, Force® Evo insecticide delivers consistent control of CRW and other early-season insect pests for maximized yield potential. Force Evo is compatible with more than 100 liquid starter fertilizers and is available in easy-to-load packaging, helping expedite the planting process and allowing you to complete planting with fewer delays.

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