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Make a Seed Treatment Part of Your Early-season Peanut Protection Plan

March 8, 2023
Healthy disease-free mid-season peanut field in Tifton, Georgia

Healthy mid-season peanut field in Tifton, GA. (2018)

Having a seed treatment plan can help you maximize your peanut yield and profit potential throughout the planting season, especially when damaging diseases are ready to attack.

In peanut fields across the southeastern U.S., diseases like Fusarium, Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Aspergillus pose an early-season threat to seedlings, therefore it’s vital to prevent diseases from striking early when crops are at their most vulnerable.

According to peanut growing experts, there are no economically viable management options for crown rot diseases such as Rhizoctonia and Aspergillus once the furrow has been closed. The use of a strong seed treatment, paired with early season scouting, is crucial in stopping these potentially devastating diseases.

Researchers from the University of Georgia and Florida as well as researchers from Auburn, Mississippi State and Clemson Universities, warn that if you do not take appropriate steps to better manage fungal diseases in your peanuts, you could see an estimated crop loss of more than 50%.

Trebuset® Peanuts seed treatment is a broad-spectrum liquid fungicide premix powered by Adepidyn® technology. It provides quick and effective absorption into the plant for longer-lasting suppression of damaging diseases. Trebuset Peanuts combines active ingredients from 5 high-performing fungicides ― Apron XL®Dynasty®Miravis®Maxim® 4FS and Vibrance® ― that have been known to consistently protect peanut crops from early-season peanut diseases.

Due to its liquid formulation, Trebuset Peanuts sticks to the seed and remains in the root zone as the plant grows, providing a strong start to a seed’s journey into a fully formed plant. As a result, Trebuset Peanuts consistently protects developing roots and plants, delivering strong stands and higher yield potential.

Hear from Syngenta experts as they explain how Trebuset Peanuts works to protect peanut growers’ yield potential:

This powerful seed treatment offers flexibility for custom mixing since it is compatible with other fungicides, insecticides, polymers and colorants.

Learn more about Trebuset Peanuts or talk with your local Syngenta representative for additional information.

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