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Lower Cost per Day of Disease Control Drives Higher ROI Potential

April 6, 2023
a clean corn field with no signs of disease presence

Maximize your ROI potential with a fungicide and achieve a cleaner and greener crop.

As you wrap up planting, you may not be thinking about your corn disease management plan just yet. But you likely know from experience how costly diseases like Southern rust, leaf blights and tar spot can be to your bottom line. As you begin to think through your disease management plan, you should consider the following to ensure you protect your yield and ROI potential.

Residual control matters

We’ve seen in previous seasons how disease can lead to millions of bushels lost, but with a fungicide application, these numbers can decrease. Without the preventive protection of a fungicide, your corn may focus more on defending against disease rather than bulking up yield.

Fungicides prove their worth by the disease spectrum they cover and the days of protection they offer. Fungicides that peter out early negatively impact stalk strength, ear size and kernel production, as well as limit the plants’ ability to convert sunlight into energy and therefore die prematurely. That’s why choosing a fungicide with plant-health benefits could be key in 2023.

This season, consider incorporating a fungicide into your disease management rotation to promote:

  • Greener plants that convert sunlight energy for maximum grain fill.
  • Improved water-use efficiency to energize yield potential.
  • Stronger stalks for reduced lodging and greater harvest efficiency.
  • Overall enhanced crop quality.

Stress protection matters

With plant-health benefits like these, even in low disease pressure conditions you can see an increased grain-fill period, more bushels per acre and improved harvest efficiency in your corn.

For proven disease protection, cleaner and greener fields and ultimately higher potential yield, we recommend Trivapro® fungicide. Pros know hard work when they see it, and that’s why many pros trust Trivapro to protect their bottom line.

Trivapro helps crops stay greener, longer by protecting the stalk health and green leaf tissue of the plant, allowing it to put more energy towards producing yield instead of fighting off disease. Thanks to its 3 workhorse active ingredients, including Solatenol® technology, Trivapro works overtime keeping plants cleaner and greener with more days long-lasting residual control.

If you’re on the fence about making a fungicide application this season, consider how Trivapro could help keep your crop cleaner and greener by helping protect your yield from disease, drought stress and harvestability issues. When you combine higher potential yield and greater harvest efficiency, you also gain greater time and fuel efficiency, meaning a lower cost per bushel per acre and a better deal at harvest.

Ready to see your ROI potential with Trivapro? Try out our revenue calculator.

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