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For Love of Family – and Driving the Combine

October 19, 2016

Webster City, IA: Gary Gourley may be 86 years old, but each harvest, you’ll still find him taking the lead for the hog and row crop farm that he runs with his three sons.

“I could retire, but I love helping my boys out,” Gourley said.

Sitting behind the wheel of the family’s combine allows him to keep a pulse on everything happening in the fields. “I just love driving machinery – done it all my life. I can relax here,” he said.

Back in the driver’s seat, Gourley switched on autopilot and flipped through a binder of yield data to show just how good a season 2016 has been for his family’s operation and their NK® Soybeans. NK Soybeans S20-T6 brand, in particular, went above and beyond expectations, yielding up to 85 bu/A. Despite a cooler spring that impacted emergence, heavy winds and some hail damage, Gourley’s NK Soybeans stood tall and yielded strong.

“The soybeans have just been excellent this year,” Gourley said.


At harvest time, there’s nowhere else Gary Gourley would rather be than in the cab of the combine.

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