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Looking for Residual Weed Control That Won’t Quit?

September 29, 2023
Clean, weed-free corn rows treated with Storen herbicide in Pontiac, IL

Clean, weed-free corn rows in Pontiac, IL, treated with Storen™ corn herbicide, 2023.  

In a recent survey, 40% of growers said Palmer amaranth and waterhemp are difficult to control with current preemergence corn herbicides.1 That means many of you are looking for a next-level residual herbicide that can outsmart and outwork weeds. 

Pre-emergence residual weed control is important because as soon as weeds emerge, they begin to compete with the crop for light and vital soil resources – the same resources corn needs to achieve maximum yield potential. Research shows even the smallest weeds that are present when corn emerges can cause irreversible changes to corn’s growth and development and reduce yield. That’s why using an effective residual herbicide that keeps rows clean from planting through crop canopy, which usually takes about 8-10 weeks, is critical. 

Other products provide a high level of control about half the time. Storen™ corn herbicide will help restore your confidence, providing high-level (>95%) weed control 9 out of 10 times.2 As our latest herbicide innovation, Storen recently received EPA registration for the 2024 growing season. It was specifically designed to deliver next-level residual weed control in corn.  

With an innovative formulation of 4 residual active ingredients, research shows Storen provides consistently clean rows up to 3 weeks longer3 than other corn herbicides. It helps protects the crop from yield-robbing weeds through canopy resulting in a 4-5 bu/A yield advantage, keeping fields clean until canopy and protecting yield potential.4

graphic showing that Storen lasts up to three weeks longer than Resicore and Trivolt

The 2024 planting season will be here before we know it, so it’s never too early to start thinking about how to level-up your weed control for clean rows and clear results. For more information about Storen, watch the video below. We also recommend talking to your local Syngenta retailer to learn more or visiting StorenWontQuit.com.

Discover Storen™ corn herbicide for longer-lasting residual.

1Syngenta market research, 2022. n=302 

2Data Source: HBI003A4-2022US – (15 locations, 30 weed data points). Rates tested: Storen 2.4 qts/A, Resicore®: 3 qts/A. 

3Storen length-of-control advantage based on 2022 Syngenta and university-replicated trials comparing Storen to Resicore® and TriVolt™.  

4Data Source: HBI004A-2022US, HBI004B4-2022US, HBI4C4-2022US. 

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