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Look for Fall Armyworm Before They Can Cause Damage

September 9, 2022
fall armyworm

Photo courtesy of Frank Peairs, Colorado State University

In 2021, you experienced the greatest outbreak of fall armyworm in 30 years. The impact of extreme weather events and climate change is likely to make outbreaks of this pest even worse and more frequent. You should be on the lookout for fall armyworm infestations popping up any time through October to help avoid yield losses from this pest.

Although this pest typically overwinters in the southern U.S., the adults are strong flyers and capable of long-distance migration to northern states as drought conditions favor their development. Multiple migration events can be observed throughout the season.

Because fall armyworms spread quickly throughout fields, scouting is the best way to determine if and how many fall armyworms are present. Damage can initially resemble drought stress but will eventually progress to ragged holes in crop leaves and high loss of foliage if left untreated.

For fall armyworm control in the Midwest, we recommend Endigo® ZCX insecticide for quick knockdown and extended residual control in soybeans, among other crops. Applying Endigo ZCX will provide insect control, resulting in a higher potential yield.

For fall armyworm control in the Southeast and Mid-South, we recommend Besiege® insecticide. Besiege offers excellent knockdown and long-lasting residual control and contains 2 active ingredients. It uses dual modes of action, which helps with resistance management.

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