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Local Expertise Drives Local Success

December 2, 2016

Byron Center, MI: For Golden Harvest® Seed Advisor™ Dan Heasley, relationships are everything. They were at the core of his grandfather’s seeds business, and they’re critical to how he and his father run their own business today – asking questions and learning about their customers’ lives, fields and preferences.

It’s through these relationships and knowledge of local agronomic conditions that Heasley is able to help his customers make the best decisions for each of their fields. For example, knowing that the area has significant sudden death syndrome (SDS) pressure, Heasley regularly recommends a soybean variety that can stand up to it: NK® Soybeans S20-T6 brand.

“We’re seeing fields with an average of 60 to 70 bu/A – and our area usually averages around the mid-40s,” Heasley said. “One of the reasons that we recommend S20-T6 brand soybeans to our growers is because of their strong disease package. They can be planted pretty much everywhere and they’re not going to fail you.”

In addition to picking varieties with solid genetics, he suggests protecting investments with a seed treatment like Clariva® Complete Beans, a combination of separately registered products. Clariva Complete Beans provides superior protection against damaging insects and diseases during the critical early-growth stage, making a noticeable difference come harvest.

“The guys that are using Clariva Complete Beans on their soybeans, they’re the ones that are getting the best yields,” Heasley said. “These are some of the best bean yields I’ve ever seen.”


Golden Harvest Seed Advisor Dan Heasley recommends NK Soybeans S20-T6 brand, shown here in a customer’s field, for its ability to withstand SDS pressure.

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