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Let’s Recap Your Soybean Seed Treatment Options

September 28, 2017

This is the fifth post in our ongoing soybean seed treatment series: What’s on Your Seed?

No matter your soybean yields this year, you’ll want next year’s yields to be even better. Start your 2018 season strong by purchasing the right seed treatment. As the first line of defense against early-season pests and diseases, such as Rhizoctonia, seed treatments are worth extra attention. While they may look the same on the surface, remember that not all seed treatments are created equal. Here are some key differentiators to keep in mind:

  • Generic seed treatments – often offered at a cheaper price but a gamble when it comes to application and performance.
  • Most branded and custom blend seed treatments – do not include the unique RootingPower of Vibrance® fungicide or the Cruiser® Vigor Effect of CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® Beans seed treatment, a combination of separately registered products, which keeps roots vigorous and healthy even in the absence of insect and disease pressures.
  • CruiserMaxx Vibrance Beans – delivers minimal application challenges, a market-leading field performance and an industry-leading ROI.

This agronomic image shows CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® Beans seed treatment compared to generic and branded competitor treatments.

Branded competitor                    CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® Beans seed treatment                           Custom blend

Utilizing a seed treatment can maximize yield potential. No matter what weather and planting conditions you face in 2018, you’ll want to know that you gave your soybeans a winning chance from the start. Prepare for next season now by finding out, what’s on your seed? Ask your retailer or seed treater today.

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