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Kick Tough Tomato Diseases to the Curb

May 29, 2019
Tomato: Soraya. Photos taken May 2, 2017. Vero Beach, Florida

USVJ0F0242017. Tomato: Soraya. Photos taken May 2, 2017. Vero Beach, FL

Many areas of the country have seen excessive rain this season, which means you should be on alert for increased disease pressure. It’s well known that damaging diseases like early blight thrive in wet weather, so make sure you’re scouting tomato fields early and often.

Poorly managed diseases cause plant leaves to wilt and die, leaving fruit susceptible to sun damage. Extreme cases can result in total crop loss.

Here’s a reminder of what you need to consider for effective disease management:

  • If weather conditions are ripe for early blight development in your area, apply a fungicide as a preventive measure. Early blight develops quickly and only requires 2 hours for spores to germinate in the right conditions, and another 12 hours for the fungus to penetrate the plant.
  • Early blight disease spreads quickly and easily, including through water, wind, insects and machinery.

Add a more powerful fungicide to your spray program to give your tomato production and profit potential a boost this season. Miravis® Prime fungicide offers a different chemistry for early blight control in tomatoes. With fludioxonil (FRAC group 12) and Adepidyn® fungicide (FRAC group 7), Miravis Prime provides better performance on difficult-to-control tomato diseases, including early blight, Septoria leaf spot, gray leaf spot and more.

In the trial featured below, Miravis Prime controlled early blight in tomatoes better than the current standard.

This graph compares different fungicides

USVJ0F0242017. Soraya tomato. Region: VJ. July 20, 2017. Vero Beach, FL

Give early blight and other tomato diseases the boot with more power, spectrum and stamina from Miravis Prime.

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