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Key Take-aways from Grow More Experience Trials in KS and NE

December 6, 2020
This agronomic image shows weed pressure in untreated plots at the York, NE, Grow More™ Experience site.

Weed pressure in untreated plots at the York, NE, Grow More™ Experience site. Weeds like Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, velvetleaf and annual grass plague the region.

Below are 4 key take-aways gleaned from our trials at Grow More™ Experience sites this year.

Trials Showcase the Product Impact on Crop Safety

  • Saltro® fungicide seed treatment showcased its early-season crop safety versus the competitive standard. Greater crop safety allowed those soybeans to emerge and grow with more crop vigor leading to better stands and quicker canopy development.

Ongoing Impacts of Last Year’s Weed Seed Bank

  • In early June, the Scott City, KS, Grow More Experience site soil was extremely dry. The hot and windy weather made it so the preemergent herbicides did not activate. Eventually, the site had a storm to break the dry spell but with it came hail and winds that opened the canopy. A heavy flush of Palmer amaranth soon followed revealing the ongoing impacts of having weed seeds in your seed bank.

2-Pass Herbicide Programs Help Fight Weed Resistance

  • While Palmer amaranth is showing some resistance to post-emergence products, it is not resistant to preemergence products in this area. Here are some herbicide programs we tested in our trials that offered season-long protection from tough weeds like Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, velvetleaf and annual grass:
    1. Corn: Foundation rate of Acuron® herbicide followed by Halex® GT.
    2. Soybeans: Boundary®6.5 EC herbicide followed by the flexible Flexstar® GT 3.5 herbicide.

Effects of Fungicides Beyond Disease Control

  • Heat and drought stress in June showed the benefits of a V5 fungicide application. Diseases like southern rust and Northern corn leaf blight in quickly became issues later in the year. Miravis® Neo fungicide shined with its Adepidyn® technology, one of the highest-performing SDHI molecules available. Miravis Neo delivers consistent, broad-spectrum disease control. Plus, it provides plant-health benefits, resulting in greener plants for a longer period of time, to help your crops produce more bushels more often. Corn without a V5 Miravis Neo application was sun scalded, while the trials with Miravis Neo held its green color.

More Detailed Trial Reports from the Season:

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