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Kentucky sprayer skip shows proof of powerful herbicide

June 17, 2016

KENTUCKY: Sprayer skips can reveal a field’s potential for weed pressure and can also show the value of a powerful corn herbicide application.

KY Sprayer Skip

Heavy Palmer amaranth pressure resulting from a sprayer skip (Left) vs. the same location 7 days after 2 qts/A Acuron® corn herbicide + 32 oz/A Touchdown Total® herbicide (Right) was applied post-emergence in a Kentucky field.

A powerful corn herbicide is key to protecting corn fields from weeds like Palmer amaranth.

Acuron corn herbicide delivers the best chance at one-pass weed control and will reduce the chance of increasing your weed seed bank, saving you time and money. The Kentucky grower whose field is pictured above was able to defeat Palmer amaranth within seven days of a post application of Acuron.

Are you using Acuron or Acuron Flexi this season? We want to see. Share your photos on social media using #toughweeds.

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