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Keep Pollinators Safe With 3 Easy Steps

May 19, 2023
an orange butterfly landing on a small purple flower

Safety should be at the start of every action taken throughout the growing season. Regardless of the product, BeSure! to cover exposed skin, wear goggles and closed-toed shoes, and use non-absorbent gloves. Depending on the product, the label may outline additional safety precautions or personal protective equipment that should be worn when spraying.

With bees alone contributing nearly $20 billion to the value of crop production in the U.S. each year, according to the American Beekeeping Federation, it’s important that we protect pollinators, beneficial insects and their habitats. Consider these simple steps:

  • Adhere to specific rules included on the labels, like prohibition of applications to blooming crops or weeds nearby bee foraging areas.
  • Ensure sprays are directed away from flowering plants, establishing proper buffer zones and calibrating equipment to minimize spray drift and keep product away from non-target areas.
  • Re-read the label – which is regularly updated with every new purchase – for information on use rates, storage details and disposal instructions.

Cooperation among growers, landowners, applicators, beekeepers, crop advisors, and local officials can help ensure coordinated efforts to promote pollinator safety and habitat protection. Effective tools – including including FieldWatch® and BeeCheckTM – are available to track bee colonies and implement precautions prior to treatments with ease.

For additional information about pollinator stewardship, please visit  www.growingmatters.org/besure.

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