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Keep Phytophthora out of Citrus Groves

June 14, 2017

Phytophthora is a particularly damaging pathogen in citrus groves. It attacks root systems, trunks and fruit, causing foliage to yellow, leaves to fall, twigs to die, and fruit size and yield to decrease.

Just like many other disease pathogens, early detection can help protect citrus trees.  Dig up roots to test the tissue for the presence of a specific Phytopthora protein. If it is present, there are several cultural methods to help manage the pathogen:

  • Irrigate early or midday
  • Avoid overwatering
  • Provide adequate soil drainage

In addition, an application of Ridomil Gold® SL fungicide can deliver improved stand, root health and crop vigor to help maximize return on investment.

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