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Keep an eye on spring wheat crops

June 10, 2016

Although weather conditions across the spring wheat growing region varied greatly this year, Syngenta suggests the same key management practice for all growers: start scouting and making proactive product applications now to prevent pest damage and mitigate environmental stress.

As growers plan their scouting and fungicide applications this season, Syngenta recommends the following:

Scout early and often

Scouting is important at multiple stages of the growing season, and it’s best to start early. The first scouting trip should be to identify the pest species already present. If pests are present, think back to what was effective in past years. After initial product applications, remember to scout two to three weeks later to ensure good pest control. Maintain consistent scouting practices throughout the season, and increase the frequency as needed during times of high pest pressure.

Make proactive product applications

It’s important to get ahead of pests, especially with conditions as unpredictable as they’ve been in much of the country this year. Syngenta recommends that growers think of their fungicides like a shield, holding off pests before they arrive and helping to maintain – and improve – crops’ performance. Find what works best within the growing area, and stay ahead of disease and weed pressure.

Keep a sharp eye out for resistance

To be effective, document the presence of weed species, especially before and after product applications. Keep an eye out for dead weeds in close proximity to the same species of still-growing weeds – indicating a possibility of resistance. To best avoid this scenario, alternate product applications over time and strongly consider incorporating cultural practices such as tillage and crop rotation.

As always, pests will be unpredictable from season to season but consistent scouting will be the key to a strong year. By staying ahead of disease and weed pressure with a strong management plan, you can increase your yield potential and grow more wheat.

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