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Keep Aphids Under Control in CA Cotton

June 26, 2019
This agronomic image shows aphids

Increased rainfall in CA this growing season has added pressure to make management decisions that best mitigate crop pests and maximize crop potential. This rain has also heightened the likelihood of cotton pests impacting plant yields. Whether faced with lygus, worms, aphids or other pests, improved management practices can help to protect this year’s crop.

One common concern for cotton growers in the Pacific Southwest are cotton aphids. To avoid population outbreaks and potential yield loss, growers should consider ramping up efforts to monitor and control the pest.


Cotton aphids feed on cotton leaves throughout the growing season. Early symptoms include crinkling and cupping of leaves. Over time, they can stunt plant growth by sucking sap from the plant. Cotton aphids vary in size and color (from yellow to green and black) and congregate on leaf surfaces. You can stay ahead of these pests by employing early-season management techniques to minimize yield damage.


As you monitor population levels during the season, it is helpful to let natural predators take care of low aphid infestations. According to the University of California, lady beetles and aphid-killing fungi are notable for reducing pest population.

Insecticide application is an option for cotton aphid control. Centric® foliar insecticide provides fast-acting, long-lasting control of yield-robbing pests including aphids, stink bugs and plant bugs. Centric offers excellent tank-mix compability and hassle-free application.

Other Pests to Monitor

Centric not only helps to protect your crop from aphids, but can be used alone or with other insecticides to address other cotton pest concerns this rainy season. There are many options to choose from depending on which pests need to be treated.

  • Lygus: consider Centric, Endigo® ZC or Warrior® II with Zeon® Technology.
  • Lygus and Aphids: Centric or Endigo ZC.
  • Lygus and Worms: Besiege® or Besiege tank mixed with Centric.
  • Worms and Aphids: Centric, Besiege tank mixed with Centric, or Endigo ZC tank mixed with another worm material.

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