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Kansas: 2016 Disease Assessment

February 14, 2017

KANSAS — In order to prepare for the 2017 season, we have to take a look back at 2016. According to an extension plant pathologist at Kansas State University, significant rainfall across Kansas provided the ideal conditions for many diseases across a variety of crops.


  • Gray leaf spot
  • Southern corn rust
  • Goss’s bacterial blight
  • Bacterial leaf streak
  • Diplodia ear and stalk rots
  • Aspergillus ear rot
  • Fusarium
  • Anthracnose

Grain Sorghum

  • Sooty stripe and mold
  • Sorghum rust
  • Fusarium stalk rot
  • Sorghum ear rot


  • Rhizoctonia root rot
  • Phytophthora root rot
  • Charcoal rot
  • Sudden death syndrome
  • Frogeye leaf spot
  • Tobacco streak virus

It’s important to keep these diseases in mind when preparing for the 2017 season. Preventive measures and cultural controls can be key in minimizing the risk of these diseases. When necessary, be prepared to use a fungicide to help control these diseases, as well.

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