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Investing in Strong Hybrids Prepares for Mother Nature’s Curveballs

October 21, 2016

Nevada, IA: From growing season to growing season, one thing is constant: Mother Nature will deal unpredictable, game-changing cards that force growers like Jerry Linn to expect the unexpected.

“She’s a huge obstacle to overcome,” Linn said. “You have to guess where she’s going to lead you and hope she’s kind to you.”

Fortunately, Mother Nature did prove kind to Linn this year. His corn received just enough rain in June to establish deep and strong roots that were able to withstand the persistently wet months that followed.

Linn also prepared his fields by planting hybrids with strong standability ratings like Golden Harvest® hybrid G02W74-3000GT brand. Featuring the Agrisure® 3000GT trait stack for protection against corn borer and corn rootworm, the hybrid yielded 207 bu/A, he said.

“If you can plant a hybrid with different levels of protection that will benefit your own system, do it,” Linn said. “While growers often go to conventional corn because it’s cheaper, they’re shooting themselves in the foot. Spend a little bit more money up front. It’s like insurance and money in the bank.”

For Linn’s 2016 growing season, the result of that investment was a hybrid that delivered stalks that “stood like picket fences” and grain that “combined like butter.”

“The standability (of G02W74-3000GT brand) was fantastic – I can’t knock it. I will keep planting this variety until I find something better,” he said. “I haven’t found anything better.”

Agronomic image of grain bins

Jerry Linn entrusted Golden Harvest hybrid G02W74-3000GT brand to withstand whatever Mother Nature would throw his way, and it didn’t disappoint. Linn’s three 12,000-bushel grains bins are nearly full.

All photos are the property of Syngenta or used with permission.

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