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Hybrid Rice: Over-treatment for Better Stands and Higher Yields

February 23, 2018
This agronomic image shows a developed rice field.

Rice growers can utilize neonic seed treatments to protect against harmful pests and diseases. An AR extension trial showed that plots that applied neonic seed treatments early had fewer issues with bugs and disease compared to plots without seed treatment. Neglecting to incorporate a seed treatment into rice plots can result in severe stand injury and yield loss.

Over-treating hybrid rice with a seed treatment can help prevent these issues and maximize stand count. Adding to the base treatment can also improve uniformity and vigor. Higher yields are possible with added protection from over-treating hybrid rice.

Syngenta recommends over-treating with CruiserMaxx® Rice insecticide/fungicide seed treatment to a typical base treatment. It’s proven to help increase plant stands, uniformity and vigor, and improve quality and yield potential.

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