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How will you manage PPO-resistant pigweed in 2016?

January 27, 2016
Agronomic image of pigweeds in soybean fields

TENNESSEE: As 2016 begins, growers here continue to ask about controlling PPO-resistant pigweed, which was confirmed in 2015 in Tennessee and Arkansas. To avoid a pigweed forest in your fields, we recommend a two-pass herbicide program using multiple effective modes of action. Proper timing has always been important for the success of any herbicide program. The application of the second residual herbicide must be applied prior to weed emergence after the initial application. PPO-resistant pigweed has made this overlapping of residuals even more crucial to the success of these programs. We saw great results with this approach using our latest herbicides at our Grow More Experience Site in Cordova, TN.

As you can see in the photos below taken Aug. 26, Acuron® herbicide provides exceptional weed control in corn. On the left is the untreated plot, while on the right, Acuron and AAtrex® herbicides were applied pre-emergence followed by Halex® GT herbicide and AAtrex. Corn was planted and pre-emergence herbicides were applied on April 23 (Acuron at 1.25 qt/A and AAtrex at 1.5 pt/A) with post-emergence herbicides applied May 28 (Halex GT at 3.6 pts/A and AAtrex at 1 qt/A).

corn comparison - Pigweed

In soybeans, BroadAxe® XC herbicide is another great option for controlling a broad spectrum of weeds, including pigweed, as displayed below in the plot planted May 7. Again, untreated is on the left. BroadAxe XC was applied pre-emergence on May 7 at 25 oz/A followed by a post-emergence application on June 9 of Prefix® (1 qt/A) and Touchdown Total® (24 oz/A) herbicides. Photos were taken June 23.

soy comparison - Pigweed

To control PPO-resistant pigweeds in cotton, growers can turn to Sequence® and/or Reflex® herbicides. Both herbicides provide effective weed control and long-lasting residual activity for fields that stay cleaner longer.

For more information about how to protect your crop from this latest threat, please contact your Syngenta representative.

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