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How Grounded Are Your Roots?

December 12, 2022
rhizotron showing soybean seedlings and their roots in the soil

If the phrase “to be grounded” could be summarized into 1 word, it would be “stable”. It is to be secure, durable and steadfast against any challenges encountered for optimum growth. In agriculture, this concept closely corresponds to the root system of healthy soybeans.

Establishing a sturdy soybean root system can protect yield by:

  • Providing underground security to help plants withstand early-season stress, disease and extreme weather conditions.
  • Helping soybeans fully absorb water and nutrients during the reproductive stages.
  • Creating a strong foundation for future potential yield.

Early-season root damage has a lasting impact on yield potential. Without maximum root mass to absorb water and nutrients during the reproductive stage, soybeans may not reach their full genetic yield potential.

“It is really critical to understand the value of the surface area of the roots below ground,” says Blake Miller, agronomic service representative at Syngenta. “Especially when considering the price of commodities, the cost of input, and the return on investment for the grower, you need access to water and nutrients.”

Watch as Miller and Seedcare Technical Product Lead Dale Ireland discuss the benefits of CruiserMaxx® APX and Saltro® seed treatments in a soybean field at the Sciota, IL, Grow More™ Experience site:

To help your soybeans start the season strong both above and below ground, it’s crucial to choose the right seed treatment. CruiserMaxx APX seed treatment delivers supercharged protection against early-season diseases like Pythium and Phytophthora, while also providing stronger plants and roots. By pairing the unmatched protection of CruiserMaxx APX with the upgraded Sudden Death Syndrome protection of Saltro fungicide seed treatment, your soybeans will be set up for success.

A combination of CruiserMaxx APX and Saltro provides early-season protection against the most significant early-season threats soybeans face, increases plant vigor, enhances root-health benefits and maximizes water and nutrient uptake. See how these seed treatments can better protect your soybeans next season at WhySaltro.com or SyngentaUS.com/CruiserMaxxAPX.

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