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How 2021 SDS Pressure Can Impact 2022

April 25, 2022
soybean with sudden death syndrome present

Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS)-infected soybeans

As you finalize your crop protection plans for 2022, don’t forget about Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). While SDS symptoms don’t usually appear until August, now is the time to protect your soybeans from this leading yield threat. The risk for SDS infection could be higher this season due to high SDS pressure in 2021.

Last season, early, cool, wet conditions favored SDS infection, and many growers saw high SDS pressure in their fields. Fields with a history of SDS are historically more prone to infection. While we don’t know what growing conditions will be this year, you can’t risk losing yield to SDS. The University of Minnesota Extension says severe SDS infection can result in a 50% yield loss.

Management tools such as early planting, tiling poorly drained soils, planting SDS- and SCN-resistant varieties and using an SDS seed treatment can prevent SDS especially in fields with past SDS history. To better protect your soybeans from SDS this season, we recommend Saltro® fungicide seed treatment.

Saltro delivers superior SDS protection and the power to protect against the cause of SDS compared to older seed treatments. With less stress, Saltro can help your soybeans from start and finish the 2022 season strong.

Visit WhySaltro.com to learn more Saltro and upgraded SDS protection.

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