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Higher Yielding Corn Starts with Fast Weed Control

March 31, 2022
rows of weed-free corn rows in the Midwest

Clean Midwest corn rows; 2018

When it comes to weed control, how quickly herbicides take action can mean the difference between low and high yields. That’s because weeds threaten your yield potential and cause management headaches as soon as they emerge.

Early-season weeds steal vital nutrients like nitrogen and water that are needed for proper corn growth. Research shows just how big a bite these weeds can take. Consider that 1-inch to 2-inch weeds consume over 9 pounds of nitrogen per acre, and in 3 days, 3-inch weeds can remove 1 inch of water from the soil.1 Even non-competitive early-season interactions between weeds and corn can significantly alter corn growth, development and yield potential.

Without early-season intervention, troublesome weeds can quickly outgrow the 4” threshold recommended for best treatment results, so time is always of the essence, making fast knockdown key.

Fast-Acting Control

One product we recommend for growers using glyphosate-tolerant systems is Acuron® GT herbicide, which outperforms and outyields any other post-emergence-plus-residual corn herbicide. Acuron GT, a post-emergence-plus-residual corn herbicide, provides faster knockdown and enhanced control of 90+ yield-robbing grass and broadleaf weeds, including Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, giant ragweed, morningglory, marestail, giant foxtail, kochia, cocklebur and burcucumber.

For optimum yield protection, we recommend using Acuron GT early post-emergence, before weeds reach 4” in height, in a planned 2-pass program following preemergence applications of Lumax® EZ, Lexar® EZ, Bicep II Magnum®, Bicep Lite II Magnum® or Dual II Magnum® herbicides.

A solid one-two punch of preemergence and post-emergence herbicide applications in a sound agronomic strategy helps ensure clean, weed-free fields from start to finish.

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1 2006 Syngenta trials: York, NE.

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Syngenta hereby disclaims any liability for Third Party websites referenced herein.

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