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High Moisture and Certain Herbicides Could Lead to Crop Injury

October 11, 2019
Adverse weather conditions paired with some herbicides can cause crop injury early in the season.

Adverse weather conditions paired with some herbicides can cause crop injury early in the season.

Chad Threewits, agronomic service representative, shares findings from the Sheridan, IN, Grow More™ Experience site about the importance of knowing your soybean herbicides before applying during adverse weather conditions.

As we move into next year, remember that heavy moisture can impact how soybeans metabolize some herbicides. We recommend growers consult with their retailers early in the 2020 season to ensure their herbicide formulation(s) will not cause crop injury.

Trials at Sheridan show a preemergence application of Boundary® 6.5 EC herbicide did not negatively affect crop safety like the competitor. Boundary 6.5 EC provides multiple effective sites of action (SOAs) and can then be followed up with a post-emergence application of Tavium® Plus VaporGrip® Technology herbicide. Tavium is a premix formulation of dicamba and S-metolachlor, offering you a convenient new tool to manage key ALS-, PPO- and glyphosate-resistant broadleaf and grass weeds.

Boundary 6.5 EC can also be followed by Flexstar® GT 3.5 herbicide for 2 additional SOAs or Prefix® residual herbicide. Prefix can also be applied preemergence and followed by a post-emergence glyphosate application, or applied early post-emergence.

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