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Herbicide resistance: Be proactive, save money long-term

March 23, 2016
Agronomic image of wheat

Herbicide resistance continues to be a primary early-season concern of spring wheat growers. Over-reliance on herbicides, and the same mode of action, can contribute to the evolution of resistant weed populations.

Resistance to herbicides leads to an increase in weed competition, as weeds are able to survive and reproduce even after being exposed to a herbicide that previously would have controlled them. Resistance typically goes unnoticed until at least 30 percent of weeds in a field are resistant. Once present in a field, resistance can persist and spread to other fields through movement of seed from resistant plants.

To help combat herbicide resistance, Syngenta offers wheat herbicides with different modes of action like Axial® XL , Axial Star and SierraTM:

  • Axial XL helps control tough mixed grasses and maximize yield. With a wide application window, Axial XL offers the flexibility to apply early or late without sacrificing performance.
  • Axial Star serves as the foundation for an effective weed control program, helping growers simplify the complexity of weed management in spring wheat (excluding durum), winter wheat and barley. Axial Star will help manage tough weeds while providing crop rotation flexibility next season.
  • Sierra helps manage weed control in wheat by controlling the toughest weeds, providing a resistance management tool and offering customized weed control solutions. With its residual activity, Sierra can stop early-season weed competition and keep fields cleaner longer.

Sound resistance management practices help to keep resistance at bay while maintaining yields and minimizing costs. Be sure to rotate herbicides with different modes of action and chemical classes in successive growing seasons. If using a Group 1 herbicide like Axial XL or Axial Star, be sure to rotate with a Group 2 herbicide like Sierra. Always apply herbicides at the full, labeled rate and at the correct growth stage. This ensures the most effective control.

Also be sure to incorporate other control tactics that fit the farm. Always clean tillage, seeding and harvest equipment when leaving fields that are infested with herbicide-resistant weeds. Regularly scout fields to identify and control weeds early and ultimately grow more wheat.

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