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Herbicide Flexibility Simplifies Weed Management

March 23, 2018

Every year, wheat growers turn to herbicides to combat tough broadleaf weeds like kochia and Russian thistle. The success of your herbicide depends on a well-executed application, which can often be sabotaged by Mother Nature’s volatility. Growers can offset weather hurdles and improve their weed control by choosing a herbicide with application flexibility. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Application window: A flexible application window helps mitigate the challenges of working in sporadic weather conditions, making the timing of applications easier.
  • Application rate: A range of application rates lets you tailor your application to your level of weed pressure.
  • Tank mixing: Tank-mix flexibility can increase efficiency by giving you 1-pass grass and broadleaf control.
  • Rotational crops: Compatibility with a wide range of rotational crops allows you to better customize your fields.

Talinor® wheat herbicide offers each of these flexible options and more, all while providing excellent control of over 45 broadleaf weeds. Check out this video to hear our expert answer questions about Talinor application and how a flexible herbicide can simplify your program.

Visit www.syngenta-us.com/herbicides/talinor or talk to your local Syngenta retailer to learn more.

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