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Help Corn Reach Its Ultimate Yield Potential

July 19, 2016

MINNESOTA: As the demand for corn continues to rise, growers are constantly looking for ways to address these growing needs. One important way to meet this demand is to optimize corn yields through effective herbicide treatments.

The performance of a corn hybrid is heavily determined by when weeds are eliminated. The earlier in the season weeds are removed, the more likely corn will reach its ultimate yield potential. Early-season weed management, along with season-long weed management, is essential to protecting the crop and capturing the highest value per acre at harvest.

Syngenta agronomists recommend that herbicide choices should be made based on the targeted weed spectrum. Additionally, when choosing a herbicide program, growers should consider the driver weed species, like giant ragweed, in some areas.

Syngenta stresses the importance of products with long-lasting residual and broad spectrum control. Growers in the Minnesota area have had good results with Acuron® or Acuron Flexi herbicides followed by Halex® GT herbicide.

Acuron or Acuron Flexi applied in a split-shot (pre followed by post) application or followed by a post-emergence application of Halex GT* is an excellent two-pass program that provides:

  • Season-long residual control of a broad spectrum of the toughest weeds for maximum protection of corn yield potential and return on investment
  • Built-in weed resistance management. Acuron contains four active ingredients including, bicyclopyrone, and three modes of action while Acuron Flexi contains three active ingredients, including bicyclopyrone, and two modes of action. Halex GT contains three active ingredients and three modes of action and should be tank-mixed with atrazine or dicamba for resistance management purposes.
  • The strength of two powerful herbicides. Acuron and Acuron Flexi both deliver a step change in weed management with greater consistency of control and broader spectrum control on tough weeds. The number one post glyphosate premix in corn, Halex GT delivers burndown plus residual that works like a machine.

A critical step toward yield protection is effective weed management that begins early enough in the season to prevent economic yield loss. Some past research has focused on the impact weeds present in the field after corn emergence have had on yield. It is well documented that weeds exceeding two inches in height will compete with the corn plant for essential resources it needs to grow.

Any weed present in the field when the corn plant emerges has potential to cause significant, permanent yield damage. Therefore, early-season weed control with an effective pre-emergence herbicide is a vital part of yield protection.

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*Halex GT should be tank mixed with atrazine or dicamba. When applying Acuron followed by Halex GT, Acuron should be applied 1.25-1.5 qt/A, depending on soil type and organic matter.

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