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Once Harvest Ends, Negotiations and Planning Begin

December 9, 2016

Charles City, IA: Rain may have delayed it, but harvest across the Midwest is essentially complete. Now growers are turning their attention to the next task at hand: the 2017 season.

For many of those who depend on rental farmland, this will require negotiating with landlords. Growers enrolled in the AgriEdge Excelsior® program have precise, data-driven tools to carry with them into those discussions. Andy Johnson, a retailer and grower in Charles City, Iowa, depends on the program’s Land.db® software to map out everything he spends on his farming operation.

“It’s an effective tool for showing my landlords what my actual costs are,” he said. “It breaks it down for them and shows exactly how much fertilizer I am putting on their farms, as well as the expense.”

But the software’s usefulness in negotiations goes far beyond the landlord/tenant relationship. Johnson also employs Land.db data in discussions with his lender.

“It’s great to be able to go to a banker with a printout in a professional format,” he said.

Rent and lending data assist Johnson as he maps out a strategy for 2017. Right now, he is reviewing 2016 season – from fertilizer, herbicide and water inputs, to harvest, yield and land usage. The program also shows Johnson exactly which fields were the most profitable, and highlight any that lost money.

When planing for 2017, consider current record-keeping processes. Talk to your Syngenta representative to see if enrolling in AgriEdge Excelsior could improve your record keeping, planning, negotiations and product selection.

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