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Growers Stay on Alert for Peanut Rust

August 31, 2019
This agronomic image shows peanut plants

Peanut rust may not appear in GA every year, but University of Georgia Extension reports that it has been discovered during the 2019 season. The disease can have a severe impact on your yield potential and spreads at an extremely fast pace. Peanut rust thrives in humid, windy conditions, and the frequent thunderstorms this season have helped spread the disease. Scouting for, properly identifying and using an appropriate treatment for the disease is crucial.

The first noticeable signs of infection are tiny circular, rust colored pustules, often surrounded by a halo of yellow, that appear on the underside of the leaf. As the disease progresses, severely infected leaves become covered with rust pustules on both sides of the leaf, hindering the ability to perform photosynthesis, and eventually causing enough damage to kill the leaf. Dead leaves persist in hanging on the plant, facilitating inoculum movement between plants.

The growing risk of peanut rust infection makes it all the more necessary that you properly identify and treat diseases. Having a strong disease management program in use all season is crucial to protecting your crops.

We recommend including Elatus® fungicide as part of your program to help protect against the threat of peanut rust. Elatus has 2 active ingredients providing improved control against foliar and soilborne diseases. Growers may need to spray more frequently for peanut rust, and with flexible application timing, Elatus gives you the ability to customize your spray program to suit your local disease environment.

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