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Growers Beware: Weeds Are Waking Up

March 19, 2019

Your weed seeds have enjoyed the blanket of snow that has kept them nice and cozy all winter. But they’re starting to wake up, and soon they’ll be stretching their roots in search of the same water, nutrients and sunlight that your soon-to-be-planted corn and soybeans will also need to survive and thrive.

While weed emergence isn’t an exact science and the date varies from year to year, weeds do typically emerge in the same sequence. Understanding the sequence can help you determine what to expect when scouting fields, and how to implement and refine management tactics. Additionally, after the early emerging weeds arrive, weed emergence patterns will give insight on when to expect weeds that appear later in the season.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be deploying a series of posts to help you understand which weeds to look for and when, along with specific management tactics that can help you knock out these yield-robbing weeds in 2019. We will be featuring:

Additionally, this poster from the Iowa State University Extension, a joint project with other land grant universities, is an helpful guide to understanding weed emergence patterns. This guide can help you determine when to scout fields and better time your herbicide applications.

In the meantime, if you would like input in developing a herbicide program for 2019 based on the specific weed pressures in your field, contact your Syngenta retailer, local Syngenta sales rep or visit www.ResistanceFighter.com.

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