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Grower Achieves New Yield Mark Despite Tough Conditions

October 17, 2016

Anna, IL: Breaking your own record is always exciting, but it’s even more so when it comes at the end of a tricky six months. Illinois soybean grower Mark Willmann just experienced that sense of accomplishment, bringing in his best-ever soybean yields with NK® Soybeans S42-P6 and S39-C4 brands.

“I averaged 72 bu/A in a 90-acre field with these two varieties, and that’s counting the edge rows, which usually don’t yield as well,” Willmann said. “I even saw the yield monitor hit more than 100 bu/A for a brief moment.”

These yields would have been impressive for Willmann in a season with great weather. This year, however, was far from perfect – if anything, it was an uphill battle from the start.

“Our beans laid under water for two weeks before coming up. We had a very wet – much too wet – season in general,” said Willmann, who in addition to growing his own crops is also a Golden Harvest® Seed Advisor.

He is a firm believer in protecting his NK Soybeans with Clariva® Complete Beans seed treatment fungicide/insecticide, a combination of separately registered products.

“The weather is never perfect around here, so Clariva Complete Beans is a form of insurance,” Willmann said. “If we didn’t use it, we’d have Phytophthora and emergence issues from excess water. But with the Clariva Complete Beans treatment, our crop nearly jumped out of the ground.”


Mark Willmann said the best part about farming is watching things grow, which he saw his NK Soybeans do plenty of this season.

All photos are either the property of Syngenta or are used with permission.

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