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Grow More Experience Sites Expand to Virtual Tours

May 19, 2022
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For years, in-person Grow More™ Experience sites have provided opportunities for you to touch, see, tear and dig in site trials. You can now explore these sites from the comfort of your home with Grow More Experience virtual tours. Watch, scroll, zoom and click through relevant agronomic videos, photos, trial data and results all year long and see firsthand how new products perform in a growing environment similar to your own.

Site tours are now available virtually across the Plains and Midwest states and include topics ranging from soybean seedcare to corn fungicide timing. Here are some examples:

  • At the Yarmouth, IA, Grow More Experience site stop, Syngenta Agronomy Service Representative Zach Trower showcases corn herbicide trials and discusses:
    • How letting weeds grow uncontrolled can rob your crop of the vital nutrients, water, sunlight and space it needs to thrive.
    • The differences in the corn’s ability to reach canopy with a low-cost herbicide program compared to one utilizing premium herbicides.
  • As you explore the virtual tour, you’ll find additional information at the Yarmouth site about how to further improve the health of corn with disease management. Some top considerations Trower discusses include:
    • Utilizing a program that targets key diseases in the Midwest and Plains such as tar spot, Northern corn leaf blight, gray leaf spot and Southern rust.
    • Choosing a fungicide that improves kernel fill, test weight and stalk quality.

Visit the Western Midwest virtual tour hub to see additional information on soybean trials, spray application tips and more.

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All photos are either the property of Syngenta or are used with permission.

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