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Grow More Experience Site in the Hawkeye State

June 30, 2016

Between Sioux City and Des Moines lies the Carroll, IA, Grow More Experience site. While photos, storyboards and PowerPoints are great visuals to showcase results, nothing compares to touching, feeling, and digging up fields to fully understand crops’ yield potential. At the Carroll, IA, Grow More Experience site, visitors have the opportunity to walk through the fields to interact with Syngenta products.

The Carroll, IA, site takes visitors from seed to harvest with the following trials:

  • Corn hybrid and soybean variety showcase
  • Corn rootworm management trial
  • Corn and soybean herbicide and fungicide trials
  • Agronomy demonstrations on seed rates, planting depth and more

For the first time, Syngenta is featuring trials to compare its corn and soybean seed against key competitors to visually demonstrate the benefits of our breakout genetics and breakthrough traits and technologies.

To experience these trials in person by visiting the Carroll site, contact your Syngenta representative.

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